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Purchase and Payment


What should I pay attention to before making a purchase?
What should I pay attention to when purchasing traveler-only products and choose local delivery as collection method?
How do I know if a product is a traveler-only product and require boarding pass as proof?
How do I make sure the items I bought can be taken through security points, on board, or into the country I am travelling to?
What kind of items should I beware of as a passenger at Hong Kong International Airport?
I am travelling with friends. Can we pool or transfer our tax exemptions?
Are the products all genuine?
When can I collect my order at retail store after checkout?
If I choose the ‘Gate Delivery’ service, when can I collect my order at boarding gate after checkout?
Which currencies can I use?
What kinds of payment methods can I use?
How do I apply a promotion code?
How can I earn Airport e-Coupons during promotions?
How can I convert Reward Points to Airport e-Coupons?
How do I use an Airport e-Coupon?
Can I use a promotion code and Airport e-Coupon(s) at the same time?
What web browsers work best with


How can I enjoy Luxury Concierge service?
What is the service hour?
Is this service for departing passengers only?
How do I make payment?
How do I pay for my reservation?
What should I do if I do not have a WhatsApp account?
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