Let’s Travel Light

Travelling light is one of the hottest travel trends recently. Whether to enjoy a long-awaited trip to an overseas destination or staycation in a nearby hotel, there’s no quicker or more hassle-free way to shed stress, and relieve, relax and recharge your body and soul. Below are a few handy tips to help you on your way!


Be Minimal

The secret of travelling light is minimalism. By only packing the bare essentials, such as our travel sets, the burden en route will be lifted off your shoulders. The right amount and right choice of travel items will lighten up your trip in a stylish and tasteful way.

Do Not Settle for Less

Having less doesn’t mean you have to compromise your living style. Check out our recommended portable lifestyle staples and liquor miniature sets that will let you enjoy every burden-free moment of that hard-earned break!

Worry Free

The less burden you’ll have to carry would allow you to visit and explore more exotic and exciting places. But don’t forget to protect yourself and your loved ones with self-care products that’ll help ensure you get home safe and sound!

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    Le Petit Prince Disposable Medical Face Mask
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