Reimagined Dragon Boat Delights with The Peninsula Boutique

Reimagined Dragon Boat Delights with The Peninsula Boutique
Reimagined Dragon Boat Delights with The Peninsula Boutique

The beat of the drummers, the splash of the paddlers, Dragon Boat teams battle it out all over the city. Soak up the joyful festive spirit with exquisite treats from The Peninsula Boutique to elevate the energy and excitement to new heights this Dragon Boat Festival.  Discover the irresistible allure of delectable delicacies from crispy brown sugar egg rolls with mandarin peels to adorable zongzi-shaped cookies, intriguingly flavoured with salted egg yolk to pay homage to the rich tapestry of traditional Chinese flavours. 

       -          Salted Egg Yolk Butter Cookies


Taking inspiration from the delightful flavours of the Dragon Boat Festival, these meticulously-crafted buttery cookies feature salted egg yolks made from premium Danish eggs. With the great balance of flavour and texture, these cookies make an ideal gift when visiting loved ones during the festival.

       -          Brown Sugar Egg Roll with Mandarin Peel & Palmier Gift Box


If you love the tangy flavour of mandarin peels and crispy buttery delicacies, you'll adore this gift box featuring brown sugar and mandarin peel-infused egg rolls with the signature palmiers. Light and delicately crumbly, this delicious combination is a great celebratory indulgence.

       -          Butter Cookie - 8 pieces (Dragon Boat Festival Edition)


Experience the exquisite delight of these butter cookies, skillfully created using premium ingredients. Wonderfully moreish and delicate, presenting a truly refined and intense buttery flavour. To celebrate Dragon Boat Festival, this gift tin is adorned with a seasonal sleeve, making it a great treat for the season.

       -          Peninsula Blend Tea Cookie - 8 pieces (Dragon Boat Festival Edition)


Immerse yourself in these butter rich cookies infused with the refreshing notes of The Peninsula Blend Tea, specially curated for The Peninsula, for your exclusive tea o'clock. Celebrate the festivities in style with these sumptuous cookies wrapped in a Dragon Boat themed sleeve.

      -          Loose Tea Leaves (Dragon Boat Festival Edition)


Indulge in the aromas of The Peninsula's signature tea collection, meticulously-crafted for the discerning tea connoisseur. Encased in an elegant tin, this selection showcases premium hand-picked leaves, including the fragrant Jasmine, robust Pu Er, and the coveted Supreme Tie Guan Yin from renowned tea estates. Discover a limited seasonal edition with a Dragon Boat sleeve, adding a touch of cultural flair and celebration. 


Shop now and immerse into the flavourful excitement of this traditional Chinese Festival with gourmet gifts from The Peninsula Boutique!

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