DUTY ZERO by cdf Presents: Premium Whiskey and Wine for Your Friends and Family

DUTY ZERO by cdf Presents: Premium Whiskey and Wine for Your Friends and Family
DUTY ZERO by cdf Presents: Premium Whiskey and Wine for Your Friends and Family

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with numerous stunning attractions and a rich, diverse culinary culture. If you're looking for unique souvenirs, DUTY ZERO by cdf has curated a selection of rare red wines and limited-edition whiskies to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong International Airport, offering the ultimate in taste and quality. These beverages are definitely worth taking home as a souvenir or gift for your loved ones. Today, we would like to suggest four exceptional liquors for you to consider and additional tips for its food pairings! 

Chieftain Cigar Malt 25Yo Single Malt Whisky (700ml)

Ian Macleod founded the distillery for this whisky in Scotland, 1936. The distillery takes pride in bottling whisky without adding caramel and without chill filtration. This process helps to maintain the natural esters in the whisky, resulting in rich cream, sandalwood, and nutty flavors with a full-bodied texture.

When savouring a fine malt whisky, the experience can be elevated even further by pairing it with the right food choices. The pairing of dark chocolate and malt whiskey is a match made in heaven, the bitterness and intensity of high-quality dark chocolate can create a delightful interplay of flavors with the whisky. For another fun pairing, enjoy the glass of malt whiskey alongside the fresh taste of oysters. The sweetness of the oysters blends with the fragrance of the whisky, creating an unforgettable fusion. Give these a try and let your senses be delighted!

Laphroaig 25YO Williamson Single Malt Whisky (700ml)

This whisky has been matured for an impressive 25 years, undergoing re-casking and aging in American oak barrels. It is meticulously crafted using the smallest stills on the Isle of Islay, with an extended distillation process that results in a rich, full-bodied texture and a pronounced smoky flavor. It carries delicate notes of vanilla, fruits, and spices, and leaves a lingering, persistent finish.

Chateau Margaux 1998 (750ml)

1998 is a very special year for Chateau Margaux, as it produced exceptional red wines with high collectible value. This wine exuded aromas of black currant, blackberry, and ripe plum, with an elegant and refined taste, and a silky texture reminiscent of velvet. The finish of the wine was long and magnificent.

Of course, there are also food choices that often complement the flavors and characteristics of these premium red wines. For instance, premium red wines pair exceptionally well with grilled or roasted red meats. The rich, robust flavors of the wine can beautifully complement the savoury, juicy flavors of meats like steak and lamb. Besides, the earthy flavors of mushrooms, whether sautéed, roasted, or incorporated into dishes like risotto or pasta, also work well with the above red wines.

Chateau Petrus 1998 (750ml)

Chateau Petrus is a highly-regarded winery situated in Pomerol, on Bordeaux's right bank in France. This wine is primarily crafted from Merlot grapes, with at least 90% of the blend. The texture of this wine is soft and velvety, while its unique flavor profile features hints of dark fruit, olives, black chocolate, and subtle earthy notes.


If you're a fan of tasting high-quality wines and spirits, you can now pre-order and pick up your favourite liquors before departing or after arriving at HKIA. Before you make your purchase, don’t forget to check the policies about restricted or prohibited items of your destination to avoid any inconvenience during your travel. In case you're a local resident, don't worry­—you don't have to be traveling to take advantage of this great offering. You can still make use of HKairportShop.com and enjoy local delivery of high-quality wine. 

Visit DUTY ZERO by cdf airport stores or HKairportShop.com now to choose from a selection of over 500 premium wines, whiskies, champagnes, cognacs, and other liquors. Whether you're a wine aficionado or a fan of fine spirits, there's something for everyone. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy them with friends and family, or to purchase as gifts for loved ones.

We hope you enjoy your time in Hong Kong and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to explore the world of wines and the culinary delights that accompany them! It's always a good idea to experiment and discover your own favorite combinations. 

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